Loyola frat hosts charity run for Alzheimer’s Association

Loyola Run for Reagan. Photo by Jordan Gutterman

By Jordan Gutterman

Loyola University Chicago’s fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon hosted a charity run Wednesday night to raise money for  the Alzheimer’s Association.

About 150 participants gathered in Loyola’s Alumni Gym to partake in Run for Reagan, a five-mile team relay that raised funds and awareness to fight and ultimately end Alzheimer’s disease.

Tau Kappa Epsilon raised $2,380 to support Alzheimer’s disease, the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.  More than 5 million Americans suffer from the disease.  

 Although Alzheimer’s is often perceived as a disease that only strikes the elderly, the reality is that the young suffer tremendously when a relative is diagnosed. More than a quarter million American children from ages eight to 18 provide care for a relative living with Alzheimer’s.

 Stacy Lombardo, a senior majoring in history and secondary education, can relate.

 “I have a lot of family members who have been effected by Alzheimer’s disease,” she said. ” My great-aunt was recently diagnosed, so I’m running for her.  All the proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Association so it’s for a great cause.”

 The event provided free food, drinks, moonwalks, games, and a live DJ as well.    

Chris Goebel, the philanthropy chair of TKE, said that he and the rest of the fraternity had a blast setting up the Run for Reagan event and was honored to be able to put on a fun event for the student body while raising money for Alzheimer’s research. 

“Run for Reagan is a way for Tau Kappa Epsilon to bring together the Greek system at Loyola University Chicago to educate people about Alzheimer’s disease and raise funds to support the Alzheimer’s Association research and care programs,” Goebel said. “We are thrilled by the turnout, and are proud to be champions dedicated to fighting Alzheimer’s,” said Goebel, a senior majoring in psychology. 

Adrienne Jaroch, the Coordinator of Greek Affairs and Special Events, was impressed as well.

“I think the Run for Reagan event is a great example of the value a fraternity can bring to a campus,” Jaroch said.  “The members of Tau Kappa Epsilon have worked diligently over the past couple months to create an exciting event while raising money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association.”

Partnering with Ronald and Nancy Reagan Research Institute established in 1995, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity has adopted the Alzheimer’s Association as an official TKE philanthropy.  After committing to raise $240,000 for the institute nationally, TKE has surpassed that amount and has raised $290,300.42 as of Nov. 30, 2008.    

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