Loyola security officer injured in beating

Two men are in custody after allegedly beating a Loyola University Chicago police sergeant, sending him to a hospital in the Rogers Park neighborhood, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The uniformed sergeant saw a battery in progress at about 3 a.m. Sunday in the 6400 block of North Sheridan Road, Rogers Park District police Lt. Mark Amati said. The battery did not occur on school grounds, according to the Sun-Times.

“He intervened and two subjects attacked him. They beat him and kicked him,” Amati said.

The sergeant was taken to Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston but had been released as of 3 p.m., Amati said.

Charges are pending for the two young men who allegedly attacked him, the Sun-Times reports.

Belmont Area detectives are investigating.

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Comedian Seth Meyers entertains Loyola students

Seth Meyers

Comedian Seth Meyers recently entertained students at Loyola University Chicago’s Lake Shore Campus. Here is a review by Loyola Student Dispatch reporter Meredith Garretson:



By Meredith Garretson

“Sorry about the economy seniors.  Start applying to grad schools.”

Seth Meyers doesn’t usually give out career advice. Most of the time, he stays up late at night, writing sketches for Saturday Night Live.  A Northwestern alum, Meyers also studied at iO here is Chicago is a nine season SNL veteran and has spent the past four seasons as head writer. 

Meyers, 36,  recently held the attention of Gentile Center, which was packed with Loyola University Chicago students of all grades.  The Department of Student Development sponsored the event as part of Welcome Week.  Meyers performed stand-up for an hour and 15 minutes, in which he talked about subjects ranging from Ebay, his inability at the French language, and a 3 a.m. text message he received from Vice President Joe Biden.

Full of self-deprecating humor, Meyers admitted that he is addicted to Xbox, a video game counsel, and that he continually gets beaten at it by teenagers almost a third of his age. Meyers also shared his favorite memory from college when he and some of his fellow fraternity brothers threw a huge bag of ricotta cheese off their frat house and onto the one next door.

“I’m still amazed we got away with that,” he said smirking. 

Meyers was not afraid to wander into “R-rated” as he remarked about his own college exploits in his day. 

  “He was much edgier then I thought he would be,” said Patricia Thomas, 22.  Thomas was referring to Meyers’ scatology-laced anecdotes such as the difficulty of being seductive on a futon to developing a late-night Ebay addiction in lieu of “booty calls.” 

A social justice graduate student, Thomas came to the event because she is a long-time SNL fan.  “I also wanted to experience Welcome Week again.  There is a lot of excitement and energy in the air; it’s making me pumped to return to school.”

Chelsea Easter, 21, an English graduate student echoed Thomas’ sentiments.  “I’m a long-time SNL watcher.  I like having famous people at Loyola that I recognize.  I think more students would attend events on campus if the school were able to get people like Seth more often.  These types of events are also great because their free.”

One couple that stood out from the predominately 20-something crowd was Dennis Miller and his wife Carol Ambrose of suburban Elmhurst.  Miller, a childhood friend of Meyer’s father, shared a prophetic quote from his friend.  “In high school, Seth’s father once said ‘Someday, my kids are going to be famous.’  I guess he was right,” Miller said referring to Meyers and his brother Josh who is a cast member on the sketch comedy show, MadTV.

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No shuttle bus service for Loyola on Labor Day

Loyola University Chicago is reminding students that  there will be no shuttle service on Labor Day, Monday, September 6.

For more information, please contact Eniko Racz at 773.508.3184 or eracz@luc.edu.

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