Loyola adds Chi Omega sorority to campus

Image courtesy Chi Omega.
By Jessica Meyer

Loyola University Chicago has added a new sorority to campus: Chi Omega.

With the long searching process over, Chi Omega will start recruiting in the fall.

Other sororities with strong national support were interviewed in the process, but Chi Omega was felt to be the best match to fit Loyola’s campus, according to fellow sororities making the decision.

“We looked at their values with university and Greek values, those being unity, scholarship, service and leadership,” said Gina Waterman, 21, a junior advertising and public relations major and president of Panhellenic Council.

Chi Omega is the largest women’s fraternity in the world, with 171 collegiate chapters and 290,000 members. One of the sorority’s biggest ideals is serving those around them, as well as helping others.

“They brought representatives from Northwestern and DePaul, showing that they have a great community in Chicago, not just at Loyola,” said Jessie Barnes, 18, a freshman business major, “I think their big national name will boost Greek life here.”

Not all people feel that this large sorority will help the other sororities on campus, with the fall semester bringing many representatives to campus, persuading other students to join the initial executive board at Loyola.

“I think it will be harmful in the long run and detrimental to smaller sororities on campus because of their large name,” said Tamara Koritarov, 19, a sophomore psychology major.

Overall, Chi Omega will meet the demand with higher enrollment of students on campus, allowing for more sororities to come onto campus.

“We feel like they have the full package and will be able to draw in a new section of already existing Loyola students,”  Waterman said.


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