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Fire in Loyola dorm forces students to relocate

Posted by Anna SK Buchanan on March 29, 2013

Studnt Audrey Bailey was forced to temporaily move out of Baumhart Hall because of a fire.Photo by Anna Buchanan

Audrey Bailey was forced to move out of her Baumhart Hall room because of a fire.
Photo by Anna Buchanan

By Anna Buchanan

What’s cookin’?

That’s what students in Loyola University Chicago’s Baumhart Hall dorm were asking when they were forced to evacuate because of a kitchen fire.

Some students are still locked out of their rooms because of water damage caused by the sprinkler system. They’ve been relocated to vacant Conference Services units in the same building.

The fire started at about 12:30 a.m. Sunday inside the Water Tower Campus dorm. A small grease fire was set off inside a student’s apartment, causing the evacuation of the building, officials said.

“I don’t know what was being cooked or if it was being properly cooked, but my main focus has been on the fire setting off the sprinklers, that nobody got hurt, and on trying to relocate everyone” said Andrew Naylor, the Associate Director for Housing Operations.

While many students were frustrated and angry that they had to abandon their rooms early in the morning, some were glad that the fire alarm alerted them to the dangerous situation.

“I was in bed reading a book when I heard the alarm. It took me a few seconds to realize it was the fire alarm,” said Courtney Griffin, 20, a sophomore journalism major. “It was an inconvenient time but I’m still glad that the alarm went off for a real fire.”

Other students were understanding of the situation when they noticed fire trucks lined up on the street.

“I was unsure at first with what was happening. I assumed that it wasn’t a big deal. Now I know not to take the fire alarm lightly,” said Mary-Michael Lindsey, 20, a sophomore advertising and PR major.

Students headed to Corboy Law Center across the street, where the wait lasted for nearly two hours.

“We stood outside for up to two hours. My friend and I went to Corboy to wait. Around eight firetrucks were lined up so we knew it was a real fire,” said Audrey Bailey, 20, a sophomore journalism major with a double minor in dance and psychology.

The fire also caused water damage from the sprinkler system. The primary floors that were heavily impacted were 10-13 with water even dripping all the way down to floor seven.  As a result, rooms have been emptied of all possessions and some students have been relocated to vacant Conference Services units. Students are frustrated about this new turn of events.

“I was super frustrated,” said Jessica Rhyan, 20, a sophomore criminal justice major. “I had to clear out really quickly in super short notice. I skipped all my classes to pack and my mom skipped work to help. We were waiting for the elevators for 25 minutes because they were running slow.”

While many remain frustrated, there are other students who are trying to remain optimistic about their new living arrangements.

“It was back luck on my relocation but I can’t be to upset because no one got hurt. I have friends to help me but it is frustrating because it is near the end of the week and I am busy but it is only for two weeks,” said Bailey.

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Loyola exhibit discovers the art in food

Posted by Kristen N. Kaczynski on March 26, 2013

From "Ponder Food as Love" exhibit at Loyola.

From “Ponder Food as Love” exhibit at Loyola.

By Kristen Kaczynski

In 1979, two female artists began collaborating together at the Institute of Design in Chicago and are now currently examining psychology through photography, experimenting with the concepts of food, love and the human body.

Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman created a new art exhibit, currently on display at Loyola University Chicago, called “Ponder Food as Love” as they explore the pleasures, tensions and urgency of nourishment.

Ciurej and Lochman produced a series of photographs featuring the human body as the serving palate for various types of food, investigating the nature of nurturing and the lasting beauty of the aging female body.

Ciurej said cooking was her inspiration with Lochman for this project.

“The project began at an artist’s residency where we had a studio next to the kitchen. While the cook prepared meals each night for the artists, we noticed the energy and sense of nurturing that flowed throughout the kitchen,” Ciurej said.

Ciurej further explained the process they went through while developing this project.

“We became more deliberate about the relationship of the food to the body to express various aspects of how we felt about nurturing, from tenderness and humor to even oppression,” Ciurej said.

Students who have observed the artwork gave their own reaction to this unique form of art.

“When you look around this room almost all of the photography is of fruit and vegetables. The skin on the bodies photographed is so light and transparent, it’s almost as if it’s not there. These pictures provide me with a different way of looking at food which is both erotic and beautiful in its own way,” said Camille Cedeno, 36, a senior biology major.

Another student focused on the nurturing aspect of this exhibit.

“It’s interesting that all of the photographs picture female body parts concentrating on mothers, which makes sense because they are known for giving nutrients to their children, just as food gives nutrients to all people,” said Alexa Vander Hye, 22, a senior social work major.

Ciurej also gave advice to students who are studying the visual arts.

“Leave your computer and keep your smart phone in your pocket. Get out and go to the many art venues within the city and look at real artwork,” Ciurej said.

The exhibit unveiled Thursday and is now open to the public, free of charge for viewing, until Saturday, April 13 in the Fine Arts Annex, located at Loyola University Chicago’s Lake Shore Campus.

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Loyola celebrates Islam Awareness Week

Posted by jestelleirizarry on March 18, 2013

By Jestelle Irizarry

Loyola University Chicago’s Muslim Student Association’s annual Islam Awareness Week begins Monday, consisting of a series of lectures and activities to raise awareness about Islam and the Muslim community on campus.

Loyola’s MSA is a non-profit student organization striving to spread tolerance and build a stronger community by educating all students, staff, and faculty about Islam and its teachings.

The MSA provides Loyola with a better understanding of Islam and sheds light on misconceptions that have been accepted as truth in society by organizing lectures, exhibitions, social gatherings and picnics to promote friendship and understanding.


Join the MSA for a week full of informative and entertaining events:

Taste of Faith | 3-5PM | McCormick Lounge (Coffey Hall)
Experience the diversity of Muslims through food from across the world.

In Search of Peace | 4PM | McCormick Lounge (Coffey Hall)
A diverse panel of speakers share their journeys and experiences in Islam.

Hijab Workshop | 6PM | Mundelein 616
Stop by for a quick hijab (headscarf) tutorial in preparation for Wednesday’s event, Walk a Mile in Her Hijab!

Muhammad | 7:30PM | McCormick Lounge (Coffey Hall) | Speaker: Professor Omer Mozaffar, Faculty at Loyola University Chicago
An arbiter, diplomat, father, judge, merchant, philosopher, orator, leader, legislator, reformer, military general, and the messenger of God. Who was this man?

Exploring Islamic Art | 3-5PM | Simpson MPR
An exhibit displaying different forms of Islamic art and architecture inspired by Islam and the Quran.

Understanding Jihad | 7PM | Galvin Auditorium (Sullivan Center) | Speaker: Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
A struggle for peace or a threat to the west?

Walk a Mile in Her Hijab | All Day | Loyola University Chicago
Try out the Hijab (veil) to experience a day in the life of a Muslim Woman. All are encouraged to wear a pink headscarf as a sign of unity with those participating.

Rethinking Feminism | 4:15PM | Bremner Lounge (CFSU) | Speaker: Tahera Ahmad, Associate University Chaplain at Northwestern University
How does Islam liberate the Muslim woman?

Hijabi Monologues| 8PM | Galvin Auditorium (Sullivan Center)
A journey into the soul of the American Muslim Hijabi.

Sharing a Meal with Our Neighbors | 12-2PM | Bremner Lounge (CFSU)
Help make a difference, bag a lunch for the underserved through Inspiration Corporation.

Our Shared Lineage: An Interconnection between Abrahamic Faiths | 6 PM | Cuneo 210 | Speaker: Professor Zubeyir Nisanci
Join us as we discuss the ties between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Entertainment Night | 8PM | Galvin Auditorium (Sullivan Center)
A night of entertainment where MSA members showcase their talents.

Jummuah| 1:40PM & 2:40PM | Mundelein 14th Floor
Observe a sermon and prayer attended weekly by billions of Muslims around the world.

IAW Culmination Dinner | 7PM | Mundelein Auditorium | Speaker: Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah, Darul Qasim Institute
Enjoy a complimentary dinner and a glimpse of the Prophet Muhammad, the effects he had on the world, and the progress made in the past 1400 years.

All week the MSA will have an information booth in the Centennial Forum Student Union or check out its Facebook page for more information.

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Suspect sought in small fires in Loyola residence hall

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on March 12, 2013

Simpson Center

Simpson Center

Loyola University Chicago Campus Safety is looking for information about a suspect who apparently used a cigarette lighter to cause damage to several ceilings of stairwells in a residence hall.

The suspect caused damage to several ceilings of stairwells in the Simpson Living Learning Center at the university’s Lake Shore Campus in Rogers Park.

Campus Safety is concerned about the potential fire hazard of such an act, and released the following email to students:

Loyola Community,

The Department of Campus Safety is writing to alert you about recent incidents where an unknown person apparently used a cigarette lighter to cause damage to several ceilings of stairwells in the Simpson Living Learning Center.

Despite the minimal damage, the danger associated with such an act cannot be ignored. Any action that threatens the safety of anyone in the Loyola community will be addressed promptly and justly.

Anyone with information on these acts should contact Campus Safety immediately at 773.508.6039. Please remember that we must all remain vigilant and report any unusual circumstances around campus to Campus Safety.


Robert Fine Director, Campus Safety

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Loyola students lukewarm about new email system

Posted by gjohnson7 on January 1, 2013


By Gabe Johnson

Although the majority of students at Loyola University Chicago are supportive of the switch from the Groupwise email system to Microsoft Exchange, many students say they will continue to use Gmail.

The decision for the University-wide switch was made by an advisory committee composed of Loyola students, faculty and staff and is set to occur in May 2013.

The new service will provide students with streamlined access from any device, expanded calendar features, increased storage capacity, and several other features that Groupwise does not currently offer.

While most students are happy with the move away from Groupwise, it seems as though many will continue to use Gmail accounts including Angela Ramiro, 20, a sophomore biology major.

“Groupwise was pretty bad so I would definitely call it an improvement,” Ramiro said “However, I already use Gmail, and I don’t really see Exchange ever replacing that.”

Gerald Guevarra, 23, a junior international studies major seemed to feel the same way.

“Groupwise is awful so I don’t even use it. I have my emails being forwarded to my Gmail right now,” Guevarra said “I’ve used Exchange before in the past, and it’s definitely a better system, but I’ll be continuing to use Gmail because it’s so streamlined.”

Many students who currently use groupwise, however, are excited about the switch.

“I’m definitely looking forward to a more efficient program. Groupwise is really outdated, and a hassle to use. ” said Olivia Colborn, 19, a freshman philosophy major.

But not all students are happy about the switch.

“I’ve always been able to use groupwise on my phone and never really had a problem with it. I prefer Microsoft Exchange’s interface, but it doesn’t work on my phone so I’m a little worried about that” said Joanna Morawa, 21, a senior biology major.

However, Ryan Bedell, 21, a junior sports management and marketing major, seems to represent the majority of students’ feelings about the switch.

“Groupwise is really inconvenient for several reasons. For starters you can’t stay logged in, it reformats attachments in emails, and the user interface is really confusing to navigate. I’ve never used Outlook before, but I trust the committees decision, especially ince there were students making the decision,” Bedell said. “However, with that being said, I will probably continue to use my Gmail account.”

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Loyola tree lighting highlights holiday season

Posted by matthewtgillis on December 5, 2012

By Matt Gillis

Loyola University Chicago hosted its annual tree lighting ceremony Tuesday evening as a way to bring the Loyola community together to kick off the Christmas holiday.

Hundreds of Loyola students, faculty, and staff gathered in the university’s Centennial Forum Student Union to witness the lighting of the 16-foot Christmas tree, accompanied by a blessing and a student performance by Loyolacapella. The holiday event also featured fondue provided by Chicago Chocolate Company, a ginger bread house making station, and a surprise visit from Santa Claus.


One student, Gina Vujovic, 19, a freshman biology major, said the event was the perfect opportunity to relieve herself from the stress of the upcoming finals week.

“Every time my friends and I see an event on campus, we usually go to it,” Vujovic said. “Tonight’s tree lighting was the perfect place to go to have fun with a bunch of friends, away from school work. The free food doesn’t hurt either.”

Kim Latosa, 19, a freshman nursing major, agreed that enjoying the spirit of the holiday is a great way to relax.

“Events like this one are a fun way to bring all of the Loyola community together,” Latosa said. “It’s also making me look forward to spending the holidays with my family.”

Meng-Jia Wu, 39, a research methodology professor at Loyola, brought her 3-year-old son, Henry, to the ceremony to get into the holiday spirit.

“My son goes to Loyola Preschool, and I teach here, so I thought it was perfect to start off the Christmas season with the Loyola community,” Wu said.

The event also had Henry looking forward to his holiday favorites.

“I can’t wait for Christmas,” Henry said. “My favorite parts are Santa and cookies.”

Bryan Goodwin, Director of Lake Shore Campus student centers at Loyola, organized the event, and explained why it continues every year.

“More than ever before, Loyola is putting a premium on traditions,” Goodwin said. “This tree lighting ceremony is one of those events that brings the Loyola community together, from those in Loyola’s preschool and day care, to Loyola’s students and staff. It shows everyone what Loyola is made of—tradition.”

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Neighborhood children celebrate Christmas at Loyola

Posted by gjohnson7 on December 3, 2012

By Gabe Johnson

Children from local neighborhoods joined together with Loyola University Chicago students to celebrate the joy of Christmas this weekend at the annual Christmas on Campus event at Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus.

The event paired up children from local elementary schools in Rogers Park, Edgewater and Uptown with Loyola students who then enjoyed  food, drinks, and several activities, as well as a magician and a musical performance.

Activity tables were hosted by a variety of student groups and organizations from around campus, and included food, drinks,  games, as well as arts and crafts.


Harry Osterman, 7, a 1st grader from Hawthorne Scholastic Academy described his experience.

“We got hot chocolate, went bowling, made ornaments, and played knockout. Knockout was my favorite! Oh, and we made reindeer food which you put in your house or your front yard, and reindeer will come and they’ll eat it and give you lots of presents” Osterman said

The event also included a magic show which several kids were excited to participate in. The show included disappearing hat tricks, magic binding rings, and several other exciting illusions that had kids jaws dropping.

“He was really cool! My favorite was when his wife escaped the box and they traded places while the curtain was up!” Said Lela Carter, 10, a 5th grader from Stewart Elementary School

The day ended with a musical performance by a local band called The Sandy Pilgrims who also helped to organize the event. The performance included several fun and silly Christmas songs, as well as a Disney song mash-up which had kids singing and dancing.

Jacob Stolz, 20, a junior psychology major, event organizer, and member of The Sandy Pilgrims was also happy with how the day went.

“It was a lot of fun. All the kids were dancing and singing along so we were really excited to see that. I hope they all had as much fun as we did.”

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Suggest a bike sharing location near Loyola

Posted by bpriddis on December 3, 2012


By Brian Priddis

The Chicago Department of Transportation is preparing to launch their new bike share program in 2013 and is looking to residents to suggest spots to place the 300 new bike sharing stations around the city.

The Chicago Department of Transportation sees this bike share program beneficial in more than just putting bikes in the hands of Chicago residents, it is faster for short trips, more reliable than CTA and Metra, reduces car traffic and pollution, great way to exercise and keep fit and above all is affordable and environmentally friendly says the CDoT website.

Anyone can go online to the Chicago Department of Transportation’s suggest a station location website anywhere.

Read more information at the Chicago Sun-Times.

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Starbucks selling special $7 cup of coffee

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on November 29, 2012

Are Loyola University Chicago students ready for a $7 cup of coffee?

Starbucks is test marketing a $7 cup of coffee in its outlets in Seattle and Portland.

This isn’t any juiced-up latte with extra shots and whip cream. It’s a plain old cup of coffee, and only a grande.

Why is this cup of coffee so expensive? It comes from a special bean grown only in Ethiopia.

If the test is successful, Starbucks is expected to roll it out in other major cities, including Chicago.

Here is the story from the Chicago Tribune:

Coffee aficionados have a difficult decision to make: Spend $7 on a full lunch or on a single cup of Starbucks coffee?

The brew in question: The Seattle giant’s new Costa Rica Finca Palmilera, its most expensive offering ever and also one of its rarest. The coffee is part of the company’s Reserve line and costs $7 for a grande cup.

An 8-ounce package costs $40. The uber-premium beans and brew are available only in 46 Starbucks stores in Portland and Seattle, as well as a licensed store in Idaho and Starbucks’ Roy Street Coffee & Tea offshoot in Washington.

Online, Starbucks has already sold out of a similar offering – the Costa Rica Tarrazu Geisha, listed on the website as having “rose petal aromas with ripe banana and subtle red currant notes and silky mouth feel.” The 450 half-pound bags of beans
available were snapped up within 24 hours of being offered Nov. 8.

Both kind of beans are known as Geisha heirloom varietals, named for the village in Ethiopia where they were first discovered before making their way to Central America in the 1950s.

Starbucks justifies the high price by explaining that Geisha plants don’t produce many cherries, making the beans extremely rare
and also full of concentrated flavor. This is the company’s first go-round with Geisha beans.

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Loyola to screen film on suicide education

Posted by matthewtgillis on November 29, 2012

By Matt Gillis

Loyola University Chicago’s Wellness Center is screening a film at 7 p.m. Thursday to educate students about the recognizable characteristics of suicide and depression.

Dr. Tiffany Tiberi, a psychologist from Loyola’s Wellness Center, will assist in a question and answers session after the film, Real Stories of Depression in College, which will be held at Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus in Room 312 of Cuneo Hall.

Here are the film’s details from luc.edu/newsevents:

Thursday, November 29, 2012, from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college-age students. It is estimated that there are more than 1,100 suicides on college campuses each year.

Join the Lovely Interested Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., Active Minds, Wellness Advocates & Wellness Center for the screening of Real Stories of Depression in College.

The aim of this 27-minute film is to present a recognizable picture of depression and other problems associated with suicide, as they are commonly experienced by college students.

Discussion after film: Dr. Tiffany Tiberi, Psy.D. – a Licensed Clinical Psychologist from the Wellness Center will be attending to assist in Q&A .

Find complete film details here: SUICIDE FILM

For more information on suicide and college students, visit here: SUICIDE

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