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Loyola adds mobile tracker for shuttles

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on August 22, 2014

CTA mobile tracker.

CTA tracker.

By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff
Mobile tracking will now be available for students riding campus shuttle buses at Loyola University Chicago, the university announced Friday.
Loyola’s new transportation vendor, MV Transportation, will add mobile tracking for shuttles transporting students between the school’s Lake Shore Campus in Rogers Park and downtown Water Tower Campus.
The mobile tracking will be similar to tracking available for Chicago Transit Authority riders. Students can use the tracker on their mobile devices and computers to determine shuttle arrival times, Loyola said.
 MV Transportation also promises newer buses with more comfortable seating, more interior space, the university said.
There also is a new location for the shuttle stop at Lake Shore Campus, the university said.  The shuttle stop is now located on the south end of the West Quad, across from Flanner Hall. During inclement weather, riders can use the waiting area in the Main Parking Structure, near the entrance to the Welcome Center, Loyola said.
Here is the announcement from the university:
Loyola Community,
This fall, our new transportation vendor, MV Transportation, will begin operation of our intercampus shuttle service. The intercampus shuttle will operate newer buses with more comfortable seating, more interior space, ADA accessibility, and tracking capabilities. MV Transportation will also operate the 8-RIDE service.
Starting Monday, August 25, shuttle riders can track the location and estimated arrival times on their mobile device by going to LUCbus.com. We recommend that riders bookmark the site for quick, easy access. This service replaces the arrival clocks previously located at the Lake Shore Campus shuttle stop and Corboy Law Center lobby. Using a computer, riders can also register for travel alerts at otp.timepointsoftware.com. Registration instructions can be found on the Campus Transportation website.
Also, please be advised that the Lake Shore Campus shuttle stop has been reconfigured due to the creation of the West Quad. The shuttle stop is located on the south end of the West Quad, across from Flanner Hall. During inclement weather, riders can use the waiting area in the Main Parking Structure, near the entrance to the Welcome Center.
If you have any questions, please contact Campus Transportation at 773.508.7036.

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Loyola Student Dispatch weekly round-up

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on November 8, 2013

LSDWR Rianne1

By Rianne Coale

CTA crash injures nine

Loyola athlete graduation numbers on rise

Fake gun used in Rogers Park stick-up

And Loyola law professor says don’t go to law school

These are among the top stories this week on Loyola Student Dispatch.

And Rianne Coale, our News Anchor, examines these and other stories in her weekly video round-up.

Click here to view Rianne’s video report: ROUND-UP.

And visit Loyola Student Dispatch for the latest breaking news involving Loyola and it’s neighborhoods.

Loyola Student Dispatch is Loyola University Chicago’s unofficial, student-run breaking news service. Its mission is to capture events on and around campus as they happen, and to inform the Loyola community as quickly as possible.

With breaking news, LSD will often aggregate a story from a reputable news source, then assign a student reporter to follow up with original reporting and an original story.

Students file posts two ways:

  • Aggregated posts attributed to the original source.
  • Originally reported and written news  stories.

Media outlets, bloggers and other publishers are free to use information from Loyola Student Dispatch. We ask only that you credit us as the source of the information.

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Nine injured in Lake Shore Drive bus crash

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on November 2, 2013

By  Jillian Schwartz

Nine people were injured in a CTA bus crash on Lake Shore Drive near Uptown Friday Afternoon.

The 147 bus swerved and hit a light pole when a vehicle in front of it “stopped abruptly”, CTA spokeswoman Catherine Hosinki said.

The nine people were in good condition and transported to hospitals. The driver was uninjured.

Find the rest of story from the Chicago Sun-Times here.

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Suggest a bike sharing location near Loyola

Posted by bpriddis on December 3, 2012


By Brian Priddis

The Chicago Department of Transportation is preparing to launch their new bike share program in 2013 and is looking to residents to suggest spots to place the 300 new bike sharing stations around the city.

The Chicago Department of Transportation sees this bike share program beneficial in more than just putting bikes in the hands of Chicago residents, it is faster for short trips, more reliable than CTA and Metra, reduces car traffic and pollution, great way to exercise and keep fit and above all is affordable and environmentally friendly says the CDoT website.

Anyone can go online to the Chicago Department of Transportation’s suggest a station location website anywhere.

Read more information at the Chicago Sun-Times.

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Red Line L service resumes following derailment

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on November 5, 2012

Red Line L service was back to normal Monday for Loyola University Chicago  students following a derailment between the Loyola and Granville stations.

Here is the story from the Chicago Tribune:

Red Line trains were making their regular stops again on the North Side this morning after a minor derailment near the Granville station.

An eight-car southbound train derailed between the Granville and Loyola stations around 3 p.m. Sunday, but no injuries were reported, officials said.

As emergency crews made repairs on the tracks, the CTA temporarily suspended service north of Granville and began offering shuttle bus service between Wilson and Howard, CTA spokeswoman Lambrini Lukidis said. At about 5 p.m., northbound service resumed from Granville, as did southbound service from Howard, although southbound trains did not make stops between Howard and Argyle.

Southbound commuters traveling to a station between Howard and Argyle were encouraged to travel to Argyle and then backtrack.

Regular service was restored at about 4:30 a.m. this morning, Lukidis said. Jarvis, Berwyn and Lawrence remain temporarily closed for station restoration.

Lukidis did not know if the derailment was related to an Oct. 1 switching problem in the same area.

Riders on the derailed train were brought to the Granville station. They said the rear cars suddenly jumped and the train came to a halt north of the Granville station, near Rosemont Avenue.

Pearl Madison, 66, was headed downtown from Evanston on the train.

“It was a very nice ride, and then suddenly we saw the train [car] behind us turn up and shake really badly, and then it stopped,” he said.

Riders waited about two minutes and got directions from the train operator. At first, Madison said, “I was very scared” but she asked the train operator if they were in any danger and he said no.

Jataune Bosby, 25, was headed from the Howard stop to the Loyola stop, which the train skipped because of construction. After the derailment, passengers waited on the train for about half an hour as the Fire Department and the CTA assessed the situation.

“They did their best to keep people calm,” Bosby said.

The train wasn’t extremely packed and riders were told to move to the front of the train. “Basically, we knew it derailed, and we had to go to the front car,” she said.

CTA personnel told people on the train that they would get emergency transfers to buses, and many walked west to Broadway to take No. 36 buses. Because the first bus that came by was packed, Bosby ended up having to wait for the next one.

Angel Diaz, 38, of Edgewater, rode his bike to the Granville station and was going to go to the Pink Line to go to a friend’s hous, when he found out that there was no service.

“I’m going to have to call right now and tell him the train sucks,” Diaz said

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Loyola students frustrated by daily commute

Posted by jmazanec on November 5, 2012

By Joe Mazanec

The Loyola Red Line station is under repair and hard to get to.

The sidewalks under the Red Line viaduct are closed, making it hard to walk to class.

Construction on Lake Shore Drive requires the shuttle to take a detour.

And the L is often delayed and unreliable.

Loyola Station construction

What’s a Loyola University Chicago student to do to find a smooth commute between the Lake Shore Campus in Rogers Park and Water Tower Campus downtown?

“I cant get anywhere between campuses without it taking around an hour,” said Cassie Stewart, 21, a senior film and advertising/public relations major. “ I leave a lot earlier than I used to, and I’m still barely making it anywhere. Train or shuttle there’s no good way to go anymore.”

For those students that only use public transit, it has been rough and sometimes leaves them stranded.

Nicholas Jordan, 20, a nursing junior, is one of those who lives off campus and therefore cannot use the shuttle and must rely on the public transit.

“I don’t take the shuttle so I rely solely on public transportation and now I don’t want to take a train if I’m going to die. But the bus drivers for the CTA aren’t that great either,”  Jordan said.

So for the most part, students think that they are stuck when it comes to transit unless they are taking the shuttle. But some even think that the shuttle is delayed.

Dominic Moretti, a 21 year-old, advertising and theology major, said that he is amazed at the delays and the construction, but he gets by.

“The shuttle delays are definitely obnoxious, but it is something which I almost expect when relying on them for my transportation,” Moretti said. “However, the construction with the el just makes matters worse. I have personally been relying more on the CTA buses this past semester.“

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Two shot at Edgewater Red Line stop

Posted by bpriddis on November 2, 2012

By Brian Priddis

Two men were injured Thursday afternoon in a shooting at the Thorndale Red Line CTA stop, located just south of Loyola University Chicago‘s Lake Shore Campus.

Here is the story from the Chicago Tribune:

One man was shot in the chest and another wounded in the foot during a shooting this afternoon in the Edgewater neighborhood.

The injured were both taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in serious-to-critical condition after paramedics responded to a shooting in the 1100 block of West Thorndale Avenue about 1:20 p.m., said Fire Department spokesman Will Knight.

The victims are both men, according to police News Affairs Officer Laura Kubiak.

One was seriously wounded in the chest while the other was shot in the foot and his condition had stabilized, said Veejay Zala, another spokesman for the Chicago Police.

An employee who answered the phone at a liquor store at the Thorndale address said he called the police when he heard shots being fired.

“There was a shooting by the Thorndale train station, which is next to us,’’ he said.

The worker said he recognized one of the victims from the neighborhood and said that person may have entered a nearby computer store either shortly before he was shot or afterwards.

“Thorndale is very quiet,’’ he said. “We don’t have stuff like this. I’ve been here 30 years.’’

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Loyola students on board for Wilson L station improvements

Posted by Jessica Peker on October 23, 2012

CTA rendering of new Wilson Station

By Jessica Peker

Loyola University Chicago students will have more commuting options thanks to the Chicago Transit Authority’s  plans to completely renovate the Wilson Avenue L station.

An artist’s rendered photo, published by The Chicago Tribune, shows what the newly constructed stop will look like: a much more modernized L station, vastly different than what exists there now.

Currently, the Wilson stop is most frequently used by Loyola University Chicago students living in Rogers Park to go to Target, which is located just one block north of the station.

“I think that this construction is important because many students use the Wilson stop when going to Target, and, right now, that stop can seem a little unsafe,” said Emily Katz, a 19-year-old sophomore anthropology major.

As the Uptown neighborhood, where the Wilson Avenue stop is located, is often known for its high crime rate, CTA renovations could bring about another positive aspect, aside from just providing more pleasing aesthetics.

“I think that this construction will also make the station more safe,” Katz said.

In addition to elevators and full glass and steel constructs, the CTA will also be adding a dual platform in order to allow for the Purple Line to stop at Wilson Avenue. Construction is slatred to begin next year.

“I was very excited at the thought of how convenient it will now be for me to travel to certain neighborhoods,” said John Conway, a 22-year-old senior majoring in psychology.

While a majority of Loyola students live closer to the Rogers Park campus, it isn’t uncommon for upperclassmen to find housing further south, often times between Loyola’s Rogers Park and Water Tower Campuses.

“For someone like myself who lives downtown, getting to Evanston requires that I take almost every stop of the Red Line north to Howard before transferring to the Purple Line,” Conway said.

The option to transfer to the Purple Line at Wilson could provide a large time-saving service for northbound travelers.

“This would most certainly eliminate at least a half hour of travel time that it normally takes me to get to Evanston,” Conway said.

Despite the positive reactions, there are students who express concerns regarding the potential travel delays during construction, as well as what other benefits, if any, will exist with these changes.

The CTA will hold public meetings to share more details and information regarding the planned renovations.

“I do like that they are holding a meeting to generate ideas and concerns from local residents and business owners,” said Kelly Silay, a 22-year-old in her first year of Loyola’s Master’s in Social Work program.

“I hope they truly listen to the public and make them a significant part of the development of this project.”

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Loyola L station rehab a hassle for students

Posted by epawelko on October 9, 2012

Loyola Station rendering courtesy Loyola University.

By Eva Pawelko

Loyola University Chicago students are finding their commutes longer and more difficult because of renovations at Loyola’s Red Line stop and at nearby stations.

Loyola University Chicago, the Chicago Transit Authority, the Federal Transit Authority are sharing the cost of the $18.5 million renovation of the station on Sheridan Road near Loyola Avenue.

Since construction started in August, there has been a large increase in traffic under the viaduct where the station crosses over Sheridan Road.

The project’s main focus is to improve Loyola station’s infrastructure, change the pedestrian pathway to increase visibility and safety, and reconstruct the viaduct’s concrete across from Sheridan Road, while providing brighter lighting.

The main entrance to Loyola’s station will be located slightly north of the embankment, allowing for more space, comfort, and visibility for pedestrians. This will avoid traffic obstruction and lessen pedestrians’ frustration and discomfort levels.

Click here for details of the plan: RENOVATION

However, the project won’t be completed until mid-2013, and has already begun to affect many peoples’ schedules, both driving and taking the train.

Furthermore, the construction taking place at both the Argyle and Thorndale stops have been causing delays, resulting in major disappointment and annoyance amongst many people.

The delays are particularly annoying for Loyola students commuting between the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses.

Cole Hatfield, a 29-year-old senior majoring in economics, shared his unpleasant experience recently riding on the CTA Red Line.

“These L stop renovations have added a lot more time and unpredictability. A lot of people have started taking the train because traffic has gotten so bad. And now you can’t rely on the CTA to get you to class on time. Plus Loyola shuttles can’t keep up with it because more students are now avoiding the CTA and switching to the shuttles,” Hatfield said.

Leyla Salman, a 20-year-old sophomore majoring in political science, agreed.

“It’s annoying. I couldn’t go south on the train because it was closed, so I had to go north first and then back south from Howard,” Salman said. “The construction at the Loyola stop and other CTA stops are making it much more difficult to get to school and work.”

Jennifer Clark, vice president of campus and community planning, is noticing further unforeseen difficulties occurring.

“The current construction is being done by the CTA’s contractor. The CTA announced  that it would be closing the [Loyola] station this weekend despite telling me months ago that the station would never close during construction,” Clark said. “They are having to make field decisions that are not within Loyola’s control.”

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Red Line service returns to normal following derailment

Posted by jbolz on October 1, 2012

By John Bolz

Red Line L traffic returned to normal Monday afternoon following a minor derailment of a train between the Granville and Loyola stations.

Loyola University Chicago students were diverted to university shuttles and CTA buses following the 1 p.m. incident. There were no injuries, and service returned to normal before the evening rush.

Here is the story from the Chicago Tribune:

CTA and Fire Department officials originally said half of an eight-car Red Line train was involved in a derailment Monday afternoon between the Granville and Loyola stations on the Far North Side, but the transit agency later relabeled the incident as a “split-switch issue.”

None of the more than 100 passengers on the southbound train was hurt during the incident, which occurred at 12:45 p.m. Service on the Red Line, which was shut for almost two hours between Howard and Belmont after the incident, was restored well before the evening rush period, officials said.

None of the cars tipped over, although the last car of the train came to rest straddling two sets of tracks, angled away from the rest of the train, just north of the Granville station.

“There was a derailment here,” Mark Nielsen, assistant deputy commissioner of the Chicago Fire Department, had said at the scene. “What the CTA did with four cars that were involved in the derailment, they split. We’ll get these four cars back on track. The remaining four (cars) took all the passengers that were on board to the Loyola stop.”

As the investigation proceeded, however, CTA officials determined that no derailment occurred because wheels never lost contact with rails.

The problem was that a track switch was misaligned, causing the train, which was traveling on southbound track No. 2, to start crossing over to northbound track No. 3, CTA spokeswoman Tammy Chase said.

The operator immediately recognized the problem and stopped the train, Chase said. The operator then walked to the last car of the train and tried to back up the train to get the front car off track No. 3 and off the crossover switch and back onto track No. 2, Chase said.

But the attempted maneuver was halted, leaving the wheels on the front end of the train on the northbound track and the wheels at the rear of the train on the southbound tracks, officials said.

“The train did not derail because (it) never left the track. (But) the wheels were not where they were supposed to be,” Chase said.

Another CTA spokeswoman, Catherine Hosinski, subsequently characterized the incident as a train that took an incorrect route.

The reason that the track switch was incorrectly aligned to move the train from one track to another, instead of continuing straight, was not immediately known and remains under investigation, CTA spokesman Brian Steele said.

He said it was too early to determine whether a mechanical failure or human error caused the problem.

Inspectors found damage to the tracks, Steele said. The rail cars were also inspected, and six of the eight cars were returned to service, he said.

“It’s rare for trains to make a movement like this,” Steele said.

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