Loyola kicks off Summer on the Plaza

Loyola University Chicago kicks off it’s annual Summer on the Plaza today with a farmers market, local musicians, food trucks and family entertainment.
Summer on the Plaza starts this afternoon at 6650 N. Sheridan Road outside the CTA’s Loyola L stop.
Click here for further details: SUMMER ON THE PLAZA

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CTA bus fire affecting Loyola campus shuttle service

By Alexa Ristich

At 5:45 a.m. a CTA bus caught fire driving southbound on Lake Shore Drive near Division Street. This created significant delays for Loyola intercampus shuttle commuters heading to the Water Tower Campus.

These delays are expected to be relieved by late morning, but until then the southbound campus shuttles will be taking an alternative route to Water Tower Campus.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to take the CTA Red Line to get between campuses until the delays have been alleviated.

Loyola Station Farmers Market showcases local vendors

File photo.
File photo.

Hundreds of the Rogers Park community pass by the Loyola Farmers Market every Monday afternoon on their way to or from the train. Taking a stroll through the farmers market, it’s evident this gathering calls for community, conservation, and a lot of delicious food.

The Loyola Farmers Market was launched in June of 2011 and hosts 11 Chicago growers and producers from neighboring states near the Loyola Red Line station.

“Your food’s not coming from California. It’s coming from Indiana or Michigan or Illinois,” said Kelly Hoff , assistant manager of the farmers market.

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Loyola shuttle buses involved in two accidents Friday

A Loyola intercampus shuttle bus was involved in a crash on Sheridan Road near Broadway Friday afternoon. Photo by Nader Issa.
A Loyola intercampus shuttle bus was involved in a crash on Sheridan Road near Broadway Friday afternoon. Photo by Nader Issa.

By Nader Issa

Two Loyola University Chicago intercampus shuttle buses were involved in separate collisions Friday.

At 10:50 a.m. a Loyola shuttle bus made contact with a vehicle near the university’s Water Tower campus, according to the Department of Campus Transportation. As the shuttle passed the vehicle, the bus’s side-view mirror collided with the vehicle’s side-view mirror.

The second collision occurred at 2:34 p.m., when a shuttle bus collided with a Chicago Transit Authority bus in the 1100 block of West Sheridan Road, according to Campus Transportation.

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Loyola adds mobile tracker for shuttles

CTA mobile tracker.
CTA tracker.

By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff

Mobile tracking will now be available for students riding campus shuttle buses at Loyola University Chicago, the university announced Friday.

Loyola’s new transportation vendor, MV Transportation, will add mobile tracking for shuttles transporting students between the school’s Lake Shore Campus in Rogers Park and downtown Water Tower Campus.

The mobile tracking will be similar to tracking available for Chicago Transit Authority riders. Students can use the tracker on their mobile devices and computers to determine shuttle arrival times, Loyola said.

MV Transportation also promises newer buses with more comfortable seating, and more interior space, the university said.

There also is a new location for the shuttle stop at Lake Shore Campus, the university said.  The shuttle stop is now located on the south end of the West Quad, across from Flanner Hall. During inclement weather, riders can use the waiting area in the Main Parking Structure, near the entrance to the Welcome Center, Loyola said.

Here is the announcement from the university:

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Loyola Student Dispatch weekly round-up

LSDWR Rianne1

By Rianne Coale

CTA crash injures nine

Loyola athlete graduation numbers on rise

Fake gun used in Rogers Park stick-up

And Loyola law professor says don’t go to law school

These are among the top stories this week on Loyola Student Dispatch.

And Rianne Coale, our News Anchor, examines these and other stories in her weekly video round-up.

Click here to view Rianne’s video report: ROUND-UP.

And visit Loyola Student Dispatch for the latest breaking news involving Loyola and it’s neighborhoods.

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Nine injured in Lake Shore Drive bus crash

By  Jillian Schwartz

Nine people were injured in a CTA bus crash on Lake Shore Drive near Uptown Friday Afternoon.

The 147 bus swerved and hit a light pole when a vehicle in front of it “stopped abruptly”, CTA spokeswoman Catherine Hosinki said.

The nine people were in good condition and transported to hospitals. The driver was uninjured.

Find the rest of story from the Chicago Sun-Times here.

Suggest a bike sharing location near Loyola


By Brian Priddis

The Chicago Department of Transportation is preparing to launch their new bike share program in 2013 and is looking to residents to suggest spots to place the 300 new bike sharing stations around the city.

The Chicago Department of Transportation sees this bike share program beneficial in more than just putting bikes in the hands of Chicago residents, it is faster for short trips, more reliable than CTA and Metra, reduces car traffic and pollution, great way to exercise and keep fit and above all is affordable and environmentally friendly says the CDoT website.

Anyone can go online to the Chicago Department of Transportation’s suggest a station location website anywhere.

Read more information at the Chicago Sun-Times.

Red Line L service resumes following derailment

Red Line L service was back to normal Monday for Loyola University Chicago  students following a derailment between the Loyola and Granville stations.

Here is the story from the Chicago Tribune:

Red Line trains were making their regular stops again on the North Side this morning after a minor derailment near the Granville station.

An eight-car southbound train derailed between the Granville and Loyola stations around 3 p.m. Sunday, but no injuries were reported, officials said.

As emergency crews made repairs on the tracks, the CTA temporarily suspended service north of Granville and began offering shuttle bus service between Wilson and Howard, CTA spokeswoman Lambrini Lukidis said. At about 5 p.m., northbound service resumed from Granville, as did southbound service from Howard, although southbound trains did not make stops between Howard and Argyle.

Southbound commuters traveling to a station between Howard and Argyle were encouraged to travel to Argyle and then backtrack.

Regular service was restored at about 4:30 a.m. this morning, Lukidis said. Jarvis, Berwyn and Lawrence remain temporarily closed for station restoration.

Lukidis did not know if the derailment was related to an Oct. 1 switching problem in the same area.

Riders on the derailed train were brought to the Granville station. They said the rear cars suddenly jumped and the train came to a halt north of the Granville station, near Rosemont Avenue.

Pearl Madison, 66, was headed downtown from Evanston on the train.

“It was a very nice ride, and then suddenly we saw the train [car] behind us turn up and shake really badly, and then it stopped,” he said.

Riders waited about two minutes and got directions from the train operator. At first, Madison said, “I was very scared” but she asked the train operator if they were in any danger and he said no.

Jataune Bosby, 25, was headed from the Howard stop to the Loyola stop, which the train skipped because of construction. After the derailment, passengers waited on the train for about half an hour as the Fire Department and the CTA assessed the situation.

“They did their best to keep people calm,” Bosby said.

The train wasn’t extremely packed and riders were told to move to the front of the train. “Basically, we knew it derailed, and we had to go to the front car,” she said.

CTA personnel told people on the train that they would get emergency transfers to buses, and many walked west to Broadway to take No. 36 buses. Because the first bus that came by was packed, Bosby ended up having to wait for the next one.

Angel Diaz, 38, of Edgewater, rode his bike to the Granville station and was going to go to the Pink Line to go to a friend’s hous, when he found out that there was no service.

“I’m going to have to call right now and tell him the train sucks,” Diaz said