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Alderman responds to violence in Rogers Park

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on September 2, 2014

By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff
In the wake of two weekend shootings in Rogers Park, leaving one man dead and three others injured, 49th Ward Ald. Joe Moore responded Monday with a letter to constituents trying to ease their concerns about violence in their neighborhood.
Here is the letter from Moore:
Dear Neighbor,
Unfortunately, Rogers Park experienced two shooting incidents Sunday evening.
I would like to summarize the facts surrounding the two incidents, with the understanding that the investigations are still underway and not all the facts are known. I would also like to share with you some of the efforts the police and I are undertaking to address the violence and what you can do to help. Finally, I would like to place the recent incidents in some perspective.
[#The Facts]The Facts Surrounding the Recent Incidents and the Police Response
[#The Community]The Community Response
[#What]What You and I can do to Further Respond to the Violence
[#A Bit]A Bit of Perspective

The Facts Surrounding the Recent Incidents and the Police Response
The first incident occurred on the 1300 block of W. Morse Avenue Sunday at approximately 5:15 p.m. Two people were hit by the same bullet, which was fired about one-half block from the victims. The victims, a man in a wheel chair and a woman who was pushing him, were treated and released from the hospital.
The man suffered a graze wound to the head and the woman was shot in the chest. Fortunately, because the bullet was fired from a distance, it lost much of its velocity by the time it struck the victims, thus minimizing their injuries.
Commander Thomas Waldera of the 24th District told me the police have not identified any suspects or motive for the shooting, but do not believe the victims were the intended targets.
The second shooting occurred in the gangway of a building on the 7400 block of N. Ridge Boulevard. Two men, both 29, were shot while attending an outdoor barbecue. Tragically, one man died from shotgun wounds to the abdomen and leg. The other man was shot in the right leg and taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where his condition has stabilized.
Commander Waldera tells me police do not believe the Ridge Boulevard shooting is related to the Morse Avenue shooting. Instead, they believe the Ridge Avenue incident is the result of a dispute between Evanston gangs, which spilled over into Chicago. The individual who hosted the barbecue had just moved into the building from Evanston and is believed to be a member of an Evanston street gang.
Commander Waldera requested and received additional resources including members from gang crimes and narcotics task forces. He is focusing on strategic deployment of those forces to head off possible future violence based on intelligence the police have received.
The Commander also said he would consider adding a foot patrol officer on Morse Avenue during the weekends to supplement the work of the foot officers who work the day and evening shifts during the week days. He already added a foot patrol officer to Devon Avenue.

The Community Response
In the meantime, the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago plan to hold a prayer vigil for the victim who died in the Ridge Boulevard. Their monastery is located directly across the street from the building where the shooting occurred.
The prayer vigil will take place today (Tuesday, September 2nd), 7:00 p.m., at 7455 N. Ridge. I plan to attend and I hope other neighbors will join me, not only in remembrance of the victim, but also as a show of community solidarity in the wake of the violence, which our community has experienced this summer.

What You and I can do to Further Respond to the Violence
Taking a stand against violence by attending a prayer vigil certainly is important, but I know many neighbors want to know what else they can do–and what my office can do–to stem the violence.
I’ve written a lot about CAPS and “Positive Loitering,” and I urge you to get involved with both, as they are proven effective tools for improving the safety of our neighborhood. For an explanation of CAPS and a schedule of upcoming CAPS meetings in the 49th Ward, [#Upcoming]CLICK HERE or scroll to the bottom of this email.
Positive Loitering 
The organizers of the Positive Loitering campaign just announced the time and date of their next event: Thursday, September 11th, 7:00 p.m. at the corner of Pratt and Ashland. For an explanation of what Positive Loitering is all about, [#Positive]CLICK HERE or scroll to the bottom of this email. 
Problem Buildings
The shooting incident on Ridge took place at a building that just started to experience some suspected criminal activity. I haven’t written as much as perhaps I should about our efforts to combat “problem buildings,” i.e., apartment buildings, which house illegal activity and the people who engage in such activity. I would like to share that information with you today and ask for your help in identifying those buildings and prioritizing those that are the worst offenders.
Using the powerful hammer of the “Drug and Gang House Enforcement Ordinance,” the 24th Police District and my office have waged very successful efforts at cleaning up problem apartment buildings that are known to foster gang and drug crime by acting as magnets for illegal activity.
The ordinance enables the city is able to hold property owners accountable for some of their tenants’ criminal activities. Once criminal activity is documented at the building, usually though a drug-related arrest at the property, an inspections task force with representatives of various City departments conducts inspections for code violations and provides recommendations for improving the property.
The case is referred to City attorneys for prosecution. The judge or administrative hearing officer can order the landlord to take measures to prevent the recurrence of the illegal activity. Those measures may include making improvements to the building, such as more secure locks and installing lighting to enhance security, the hiring of licensed and insured security personnel, the hiring of a receiver, and the initiation and execution of eviction proceedings against tenants engaged in illegal activity.
In the most extreme cases, when the building owner simply won’t cooperate, the City may request the court to order the owner to forfeit to the City his or her rights, title and interest in the building.
Often just the threat of such actions can prompt a landlord to improve the management of his or her building or sell the building to a more competent owner. Dozens of buildings in Rogers Park have been improved over the years as a result of joint efforts by my office, the 24th Police District and neighborhood residents.
No greater example of the benefits of this powerful tool than the building on Morse Avenue now known as “Reside on Morse.” Located at 1340 W. Morse (northwest corner of Morse and Glenwood), the building for years was a source of much of the gang and drug activity on Morse Avenue. My office, working together with the 24th District and community activists in CAPS Beat 2431, effectively used the Drug and Gang House Enforcement Ordinance to convince the owners to sell the property.
The new owners totally rehabilitated the building and engaged in aggressive screening of tenants. The turn-around of that building is one of the leading causes of the revitalization of Morse Avenue. What was once a drug and gang-infested building is now a neighborhood asset.
This is such an important and effective tool that Commander Waldera assigns a police officer whose sole responsibility is investigating and monitoring problem buildings in the district. The current problem buildings officer is Robin Popelka. She can be reached at robin.popelka@cityofchicago.org, 312-744-6321.  
In addition, I have a housing specialist in my office who devotes about two-thirds of her time in my office to housing issues, including problem buildings. Her name is Ann Hinterman and she can be reached at ann.hinterman@cityofchicago.org, 773-338-5796.
Both our offices currently are monitoring dozens of buildings in the ward. I have asked Ann on my staff to add to her list the building on Ridge where the shooting occurred and where a gang member is reputed to now live.
If you know of a building that is particularly troublesome in your block, please contact either Ann or Officer Popelka. Please be as specific as possible regarding your concerns. The more specific information you have, the better we are able to hold the landlord accountable.
A Holistic Approach
The focus cannot be placed solely on policing or problem buildings, however. The health of our community depends on a holistic approach that focuses not just on police protection, but also economic development, job creation and alternatives for at risk youth. We’ve had some great success on each of these fronts, including the recent opening of the new Jewel-Osco at Gateway Plaza, which has hired scores of community residents, including young people and people with backgrounds who have turned their lives around. I plan to talk about those in more detail in future electronic newsletters.

A Bit of Perspective
Finally, I believe a bit of perspective is required here. I have read several comments in the social media from people who claim the violence is worse in our neighborhood than it ever has been or say they will not frequent the businesses on Morse because of the recent violence.
The gun violence we have experienced in our neighborhood is completely unacceptable. There’s no debating it. But despite the recent violence, it’s important to keep in mind we are still in a better place than we were 10 years ago and a much better place than 20 years ago.
In the 1990s, an average of 18 people a year were victims of homicide in the 24th Police District, which encompasses Rogers Park. In the first decade of this century, the homicide rate plummeted to an average of 9.5 homicides a year. And in the first four years of this decade, the average number of homicides fell to an average of 7.5 a year. Altogether, we have seen a 58.3% decrease on average in homicides in the 24th District since the 1990s, which mirrors a similar drop in serious crime in all categories.
Last year alone was a very good year. We experienced a near-record low number of homicides and shootings in 2013 (six and 25, respectively). Unfortunately, this year violence has spiked back up, but we are in no worse a position this year than we were during the same time just two years ago. By the middle of August this year, we experienced exactly the same number of shootings (23) as in 2012, but the number of homicides this year (5) is almost half the number we experienced by this time in 2012.
Below are the links for the statistics I quote above:
One homicide or shooting is one homicide or shooting too many and the gun violence of the last few weeks, including the Devon Avenue shooting and last Sunday’s shootings on Morse and Ridge, is completely unacceptable. We must do everything we can to reduce those numbers to 0.
I share these statistics only to demonstrate that we have cause for hope, that we have made considerable progress over the past 20 years and that the recent violent trend is by no means irreversible. The very last thing we should do is hide in our homes, fearful to venture outside.
Last summer’s Celebrate Clark Street Festival, Glenwood Arts Festival and the 49th Ward Back to School Picnic brought thousands of diverse Rogers Park residents together without a single serious incident. Every day, hundreds of residents visit our vast array of eclectic restaurants, bars and galleries and businesses, again without serious incident. They are what define our neighborhood, not the craven few who choose to engage in random acts of violence.
Yes, please attend CAPS meeting and attend Positive Loitering events and report problem buildings to my office and the police. But most importantly, come out and enjoy all that our wonderful neighborhood has to offer.
Joe Moore

Upcoming CAPS Meetings
CAPS stands for the Chicago Alternative Police Strategy, which is the Chicago Police Department’s transition to a Community Policing model, which focuses on building partnerships with community residents and working with them proactively to address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues, such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime. 
Police Districts in Chicago are divided into beats, small geographical areas to which “beat officers” are assigned. Originally, community residents met in monthly “beat meetings” with police officers who were assigned to their beats. Together the residents and the police would exchange information, prioritize public safety issues, and develop strategies to address those issues. 
A few years ago, due to budgetary constraints, the beat meetings were replaced with monthly “sector meetings” (three beats combined). These larger meetings made it difficult for the police and the community to really focus on localized issues of concern.
Because of this difficulty, Commander Waldera announced recently that the 24th District would be returning to the smaller monthly beat meetings.  Budgetary constraints, however, will allow the police officers to attend the beat meetings only every other month. On the months the police officers are unable to attend, the community will still meet under the leadership and direction of “Beat Facilitators” (community volunteers who serve as the liaisons between the community and the police department) to discuss public safety issues among themselves and prioritize concerns. 
Below is a map of the 24th District that delineates each police beat, followed by a list of the upcoming 49th Ward beat meetings in September:

Beat 2422 (bound by Evanston on the north, Jarvis on the south, the lake on the east and Clark on the west). Beat Facilitator: Toni Duncan.
Date and time of meeting: Tuesday, September 23rd, 7:00 p.m.
Location: Willye White Park Fieldhouse, 1610 W. Howard (at Marshfield)
Beat 2423 (bound by Jarvis on the north, Lunt on the south, the lake on the east and Clark on the west). Beat Facilitator: Tony Iniquez
Date and time of meeting: Monday, September 8th, 7:00 p.m.
Location: Touhy Park Fieldhouse, 7348 N. Paulina (at Jarvis)
Beat 2424 (bound by Howard on the north, Pratt on the south, Clark on the east and Ridge on the west). Beat Facilitator: Bernard Garbo.
Date and time of meeting: Tuesday, September 16th, 7:00 p.m.
Location: Pottawattomie Park Fieldhouse, 7340 N. Rogers (at Winchester) 
Beat 2431 (bound by Lunt on the north, Pratt on the south, the lake on the east and Clark on the west). Beat Facilitator: John Warner
Date and time of meeting: Tuesday, September 23rd, 7:00 p.m.
Location: St. Jerome’s Church Parish Center, 1709 W. Lunt (at Paulina)
Subscribe to Beat 2431’s newsletter: CAPSbeat2431-subscribe@yahoogroups.com  
Beat 2432 (bound by Pratt on the north, Devon on the south, the Lake on the east and Ridge on the west). Beat Facilitator: Patrick Kenny
Date and time of meeting: Tuesday, September 9th, 7:00 p.m.
Location: 24th District Police Station, 6464 N. Clark (at Schreiber) 

Positive Loitering
Rogers Park Positive Loitering is a group of area residents, led by Rogers Park residents John Warner and John Versical, who gather together several evenings each month to stroll through the neighborhood or simply “loiter” on certain street corners. Their sole purpose is to deter crime by their positive presence on the street. Commander Waldera is convinced the group has had a very positive effect on deterring crime.


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Police add foot patrol near Loyola

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on September 2, 2014

Image courtesy Ward 49.

Image courtesy Ward 49.

By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff

Chicago police have added a patrol officer to walk the streets west of Loyola University Chicago’s Lake Shore Campus, according to a Chicago alderman.

The foot patrol extends from Sheridan Road and Devon Avenue, running west on Devon to Clark Street, according to Ald. Harry Osterman of the 48th Ward.

The new patrol comes in the wake of a summer shooting in which an innocent bystander was killed in a gang-related shooting in the 1300 block of Devon avenue.

Wil Lewis, 28, was shot in the back in July while waiting for a bus.

Residents of the Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhoods rallied in honor of Lewis, and police responded with the beefed-up patrol.

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Loyola to cut ribbon on new Kenmore Plaza

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on August 29, 2014

Kenmore Plaza rendering. Loyola University image.

Kenmore Plaza rendering.
Loyola University image.

By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff
A cookout and live bluegrass music will accompany tonight’s official unveiling of Loyola University Chicago’s Kenmore Plaza at the school’s Lake Shore Campus.
Here are the details from a university news release:
Loyola University Chicago President and CEO Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., and 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman will cut the ribbon at 5:30 p.m. Friday on the newly created Kenmore Plaza, located in the 6300 block of North Kenmore Avenue. The plaza represents a 39,000 square-foot expansion of Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus and builds upon the University’s commitment to sustainability by featuring a new storm water management system, native plantings, and a meadow living-learning laboratory for students and visitors.
The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be followed by a cookout and live bluegrass music featuring local original members of Henhouse Prowlers. Attendees are also invited to participate in a self-guided tour of the plaza’s unique features and Loyola’s neighboring Institute of Environmental Sustainability.
The event is free and open to the public. Community members are asked to RSVP by e-mailing communityrelations@luc.edu or calling 773.508.7450. For more information, visit LUC.edu/communityrelations.


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Police crack down on crime in Rogers Park

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on August 27, 2014

By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff
Chicago police provided 49th Ward Ald. Joe Moore with a log of recent police activity in his ward, which includes Rogers Park.
Here is the report from Moore’s office:

Battery – Cause Bodily Harm

Officers from the 24th District, together with Evanston police, arrested a man wanted for attempted robbery from a previously reported incident. The victim identified the offender as the person who punched and kicked him and tried to rob him of his laptop. The offender was arrested and charged with battery.


A man was placed in custody after his DNA matched that left at the scene of a burglary. The offender was arrested and charged with burglary.

Criminal Trespass to Vehicles

Officers observed an offender inside a stolen vehicle. The offender told the officers it was his uncle’s car. The officers interviewed the owner of the vehicle who denied knowing the offender and stated he did not give anyone permission to use his car. The car was stolen from an auto body lot, where it was being repaired.

Indecent Exposure Urinating in Public

An offender was seen by several people urinating on a tree in the public way.  The offender, a member of a well-known street gang, was arrested and charged with indecent exposure.

Issuance of Warrant

Officers were flagged down by a person who reported that a man was starting a fight in the alley. Officers proceeded to the scene where a name check revealed the man had two active warrants. The offender was arrested and taken to the 24th District station for processing.


Officers responded to a call of suspicious persons looking into vehicles and garages. The offenders were seen fleeing with the proceeds from one garage and a “flash message” was sent immediately over the police radio. Responding officers were able to locate the offenders along with proceeds from more victims. Both offenders are self-admitted gang members.

Domestic Battery – Physical Contact

Officers followed up on a domestic battery call, where the offender grabbed the victim, placed her in a choke hold and forced her into his vehicle. Officers were able to locate the offender and place him in custody. The offender is a self-admitted gang member.


Officers responded to a Burglary just occurred. After a thorough investigation, which included video surveillance, the officers were able to locate the offender and the victim’s property was recovered. Offender was placed in custody and charged with burglary.
Criminal Damage to Property

Officers from the 24th District officers were able to locate an offender from a hit and run traffic accident reported earlier in the day. Offender was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property.
Criminal Damage to Property

An offender was observed on video keying the victim’s car and causing an estimated $3,000 in damage. Officers were able to locate the offender and place him into custody without incident.

Possession of Firearm without valid FOID card

Officers arrested a self-admitted gang member for possessing a Colt 38 special revolver. 

Issuance of Warrant

Officers witnessed an offender engaged in a verbal altercation with the driver of another vehicle in traffic. The officers conducted a vehicle stop and a name check of the offender revealed a warrant for his arrest. The offender was placed in custody. 


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Loyola’s Sister Jean celebrates 95th birthday

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on August 26, 2014

Sister Jean Delores Schmidt. Loyola photo.

Sister Jean Delores Schmidt.
Loyola photo.

By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff
Happy 95th Birthday, Sister Jean.
Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, BVM, chaplain to Loyola University Chicago’s athletic teams, and a campus favorite to students, faculty and staff, recently celebrated her 95th birthday.
Sister Jean is renown for her cheerful outlook and smile, and is frequently seen greeting students on campus when she’s not cheering on the men’s basketball team.
Here is Sister Jean’s official biography:
Sister Jean was born on August 21, 1919 in San Francisco. She joined the religious order of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1937. Sister Jean earned her B.A. at Mt. St. Mary College in Los Angeles in 1949 and her M.A. at Loyola University, Los Angeles, in 1961. After several years as a teacher at elementary schools, including St. Vincent in Chicago, St. Bernard in Los Angeles, St. Charles in North Hollywood, and as principal at St. Brendan in Los Angeles, she accepted a position at Mundelein College teaching in the Education Department. She also worked tirelessly in the role of Assistant Director of the
BVM Scholasticate. Working in dual and sometimes triple roles was common for Sister. Jean. In her long career at Mundelein
she, at various times, wore the hats of Assistant Direct of the BVM Scholasticate, Assistant Dean, Director of the Summer Sessions, Associate Dean, Acting Dean, Director of Coffey Hall, Director of Academic Services, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, Director of the Weekend College, and Director of Academic Advising. She remained on staff with Loyola University Chicago after the affiliation with Mundelein in 1991 as Assistant Dean and Director of the TAF Program. Sister Jean still remains active at Loyola University Chicago as the chaplain to the athletic teams.

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Storms down trees, cut power in Edgewater

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on August 25, 2014

Courtesy noaa.gov

Courtesy noaa.gov

By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff

A powerful afternoon storm knocked down trees and cause power outages Monday afternoon in Rogers Park, Edgewater and Uptown.

Fallen tree limbs blocked streets and streets and sanitation workers posted stop signs where traffic signals were out.

Here are more details from an alert from 48th ward Ald. Harry Osterman:

This afternoon we experienced a tremendous storm, resulting in traffic signal and power outages and many fallen trees or tree limbs. My office has been in contact with ComEd, who has dispatched crews and is working to restore power as soon as possible.

Department of Forestry also has dispatched clean-up crews. Please report any fallen trees or large tree limbs, as well as any severely damaged trees, to my office by emailing Harry@48thward.org. We will share these locations with Forestry crews immediately.

Many traffic signals are out. Department of Streets and Sanitation crews are currently posting “Stop” signs at non-working signalized intersections. Please be careful and patient at intersections and plan accordingly while traveling or commuting today.

Until power is restored at the 48th Ward office, please send any requests or concerns to Harry@48thward.org. In an event of an emergency, call 911.

Harry Osterman
Alderman, 48th Ward.

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Loyola adds mobile tracker for shuttles

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on August 22, 2014

CTA mobile tracker.

CTA tracker.

By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff
Mobile tracking will now be available for students riding campus shuttle buses at Loyola University Chicago, the university announced Friday.
Loyola’s new transportation vendor, MV Transportation, will add mobile tracking for shuttles transporting students between the school’s Lake Shore Campus in Rogers Park and downtown Water Tower Campus.
The mobile tracking will be similar to tracking available for Chicago Transit Authority riders. Students can use the tracker on their mobile devices and computers to determine shuttle arrival times, Loyola said.
 MV Transportation also promises newer buses with more comfortable seating, more interior space, the university said.
There also is a new location for the shuttle stop at Lake Shore Campus, the university said.  The shuttle stop is now located on the south end of the West Quad, across from Flanner Hall. During inclement weather, riders can use the waiting area in the Main Parking Structure, near the entrance to the Welcome Center, Loyola said.
Here is the announcement from the university:
Loyola Community,
This fall, our new transportation vendor, MV Transportation, will begin operation of our intercampus shuttle service. The intercampus shuttle will operate newer buses with more comfortable seating, more interior space, ADA accessibility, and tracking capabilities. MV Transportation will also operate the 8-RIDE service.
Starting Monday, August 25, shuttle riders can track the location and estimated arrival times on their mobile device by going to LUCbus.com. We recommend that riders bookmark the site for quick, easy access. This service replaces the arrival clocks previously located at the Lake Shore Campus shuttle stop and Corboy Law Center lobby. Using a computer, riders can also register for travel alerts at otp.timepointsoftware.com. Registration instructions can be found on the Campus Transportation website.
Also, please be advised that the Lake Shore Campus shuttle stop has been reconfigured due to the creation of the West Quad. The shuttle stop is located on the south end of the West Quad, across from Flanner Hall. During inclement weather, riders can use the waiting area in the Main Parking Structure, near the entrance to the Welcome Center.
If you have any questions, please contact Campus Transportation at 773.508.7036.

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Video records alleged burglar at Loyola

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on August 19, 2014

Video of alleged burglar.

Video of alleged burglar.

By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff
An alleged burglar was captured on video Monday after stealing items, including a purse and an iPad at Loyola University Chicago, according to the university’s Campus Safety Department.
The alleged thief stole the items from the Granada Center in Rogers Park at about 3:45 p.m. Monday, according to Campus Safety.
The suspect may also be the same person who stole items from Granada Center on June 18, Campus Safety reports.
Here is the crime alert from Campus Safety:
Loyola Community,
Campus Safety is writing to inform you of a burglary that occurred in the Granada Center between 3:45-4 p.m. on Monday, August 18.
Security camera footage reviewed during the investigation revealed that the suspect spent several minutes on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building before exiting with several items including a purse and an iPad.
A description of the suspect is: male, dark complexion, approximately 40-50 years of age, 5’6”, 180 lbs.
The suspect is believed to be the same person who is wanted in connection with another burglary in the Granada Center on June 18. In both cases, the suspect arrived and departed in a black four door Cadillac driven by another person.
If you have any further information, please contact Campus Safety at 773.508.6039.
We also remind you that you should:
  • Keep your doors locked at all times. Never prop doors open.
  • Keep electronic devices and other valuable items in secured storage.
  • Do not leave the key(s) to the storage area in an easily accessible place.
  • Keep track of all electronic serial numbers and keep them in a safe place.
Tom Murray
Chief of Police and Director of Campus Safety

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Loyola, Alexian to partner in pediatric care

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on August 13, 2014

loyola healhtBy Loyola Student Dispatch Staff

Loyola University Health System and Alexian Brothers Health System are teaming to expand their pediatric practices, according to a new release Wednesday from the two Catholic health care providers.

Here is a portion of the news release:

Alexian Brothers Health System (ABHS) of Arlington Heights, Ill., and Loyola University Health System (Loyola) of Maywood, Ill., are partnering to expand the breadth and reach of their pediatric service lines in the Chicago area.

Under a letter of intent announced today, the two Catholic health systems’ children’s hospitals propose to join forces as affiliates, and ABHS and Loyola will recruit and share pediatric sub-specialists and will collaborate on other physician-sharing opportunities. ABHS and Loyola also plan to work with community-based pediatricians on population health management opportunities and to expand access at each institution as well as in community-based ambulatory-care practices.

“This new affiliation will benefit patients by building on and expanding the clinical program strengths of each health system, making them more available to the communities we serve,” says Patricia Cassidy, ABHS Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer.

The affiliation will enable ABHS and Loyola to offer a comprehensive array of pediatric specialties and will increase access to pediatric sub-specialists, who often can be hard to find, Cassidy says.

“Access to high-quality pediatric clinical programs in a coordinated network of care is a vision both of our organizations share,” says Daniel Post, Senior Vice President, Clinical Programs, and Chief Business Development Officer, at Loyola. “The Loyola and Alexian Brothers Pediatric Affiliation will provide patients and referring physicians improved access to these high-quality programs in their communities.”


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Is Loyola saving Christmas in Vernon Hills?

Posted by loyolastudentdispatch on August 6, 2014

Cuneo Light Show. Loyola photo.

Cuneo Light Show.
Loyola photo.

By Loyola Student Dispatch Staff

It looks like Loyola is saving Christmas in Vernon Hills.

The Daily Herald reports that Loyola University Chicago is going to allow an annual holiday light show to continue this year at its Cuneo Mansion and Gardens property in the far north suburb.

The annual light show, a tradition in Vernon Hills for two decades, was in jeopardy because Loyola wants to develop a portion of the Cuneo estate.

But it looks like there will be at least one more light show this year, the Daily Herald reports.

Here is a portion of the Daily Herald story:

The holiday light show that winds through the former Cuneo grounds in Vernon Hills, as one of the largest displays of its kind in the suburbs, will be held at least one more season.

The 21st Winter Wonderland drive-through holiday light show had been in question, as Loyola University Chicago considered development on a portion of the property it has owned since 2010.

Loyola indicated they are willing to do another (light show) with us, which is awesome,” Village Manager John Kalmar said Tuesday.

Last year, about 22,000 cars passed through the wooded pathway of holiday lights and displays in what has become an annual tradition from about Thanksgiving through the end of the year.

The village spent about $30,000 last year advertising the event through direct mail and other means. Loyola gets 30 percent of the gross admission fees.

The Cuneo Mansions & Garden was given to the university by the Cuneo Foundation and includes the sprawling 31,000-square-foot Italianate-style home completed in 1916 for Samuel Insull.

To read the entire Daily Herald article, this link will direct you to the newspaper’s website: LIGHTS


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