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Loyola shuttle bus strikes woman in Edgewater

Posted by ashtonmaryelizabeth on December 5, 2011

By Ashton Mitchell

A Loyola University Chicago shuttle bus struck a female pedestrian at about 10 a.m. Monday on Sheridan Road near Bryn Mawr Avenue in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood, witnesses said.

According to passengers on the shuttle, the bus driver, who apparently had the right away, did not see the woman, who was continuing to cross the street. The bus driver slammed on the breaks and  ran off the shuttle screaming, riders said.

“The driver was incredibly freaked out. I was listening to my music pretty loud and I was still able to hear her scream, ‘Oh my god!'” said Stephen Shahbazian, 20, a junior marketing major, who was  a passenger on the bus.

Students on the shuttle ran off to the front of the bus and called 911. The woman who was hit was apparently face down, unconscious, and covered in blood, witnesses said. All students were eventually asked to get off and another shuttle came by 10 minutes later to pick them up, witnesses said.

Observers said some students were shaken up and crying, while others were concerned they were going to be late for class.

According to Shahbazian, the woman was able to talk and move despite being injured.

The woman was taken to Advocate Illinois Medical Center, said Larry Langford, a spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department. No details are known on her current medical status.

Loyola shuttle bus.

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One Response to “Loyola shuttle bus strikes woman in Edgewater”

  1. Steeeeeve said

    “while others were concerned they were going to be late for class.”

    well i’m sure concerned they don’t get hit by buses…..

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